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Retainers are one of the most important aspects of orthodontic treatment for many children and adults, and Keith Crawford, DMD, and the team at Crawford Orthodontic Care are here to make wearing a retainer simple and easy. At their six locations in Lithia Springs, Stockbridge, Kennesaw, Duluth, and Norcross, Georgia, the talented orthodontic specialists offer all types of retainers, as well as dedicated support to ensure maximum effectiveness. Call the Crawford Orthodontic Care office nearest you for an appointment now.

Retainers Q & A

What is a retainer?

A retainer is a device that fits over your teeth to keep them in their new positions after braces. You may get either a fixed (nonremovable) or removable retainer based on your situation and needs. Most patients wear removable retainers as directed to prevent treatment regression.

How often do I wear my retainer?

Wear your retainer all the time, removing it only for meals and brushing, unless the Crawford Orthodontic Care team gives you other instructions.

In most cases, patients wear retainers around the clock after braces removal. The time period just after your braces are removed is when your teeth are most likely to regress, so starting retainer wear promptly is essential.

Over time, your retainer wear schedule can change. For example, many patients eventually begin wearing their retainer overnight, but not during the day.

Following your personalized instructions from the Crawford Orthodontic Care team is the best way to keep your straight smile.

How do I clean my retainer?

Clean your retainer every day using your toothbrush and toothpaste. Use lukewarm (never hot) water. This removes the plaque film from the retainer and also removes odors. Although it’s fine to use orthodontic appliance cleaners, they don’t replace brushing.

How do I get used to wearing a retainer?

Your new retainer might feel a little funny at first, so practice talking by reading or singing out loud to grow accustomed to the sensation. Most patients adjust very fast.

How can I avoid retainer loss?

The simplest way to keep up with your retainer is to always, without fail, place it in your retainer case the moment you take it out of your mouth to eat or participate in activities such as swimming.

Many retainers get lost when wrapped up in napkins or simply left sitting out. Make sure that you keep your retainer case securely in your pocket, backpack, or purse whenever you’re out and about.

What should I do if my retainer is loose or broken?

Don’t try to wear a retainer when it’s loose or broken. You could damage your delicate gums or teeth with a broken or loose retainer, so call Crawford Orthodontic Care promptly to get it repaired.

Never try to repair a broken retainer on your own, as you could potentially worsen the problem and do irreparable damage without the proper tools and knowledge.

The Crawford Orthodontic Care team crafts perfectly fitted retainers for all ages. Call the office nearest you to book a consultation now.