Two-Phase Treatment

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Two-phase treatment is a great way to ensure your child has a healthy and beautiful smile when they’re older. At the six locations of Crawford Orthodontic Care, in Lithia Springs, Stockbridge, Kennesaw, Duluth, and Norcross, Georgia, Keith Crawford, DMD, and the dedicated team of orthodontic care specialists can plan your child’s two-phase treatment for maximum benefit. Call the office nearest you to book your appointment now.

Two-Phase Treatment Q & A

What is two-phase treatment?

Two-phase treatment is a plan to help your child have a healthy, functional, and attractive smile as they grow.

In this treatment approach, the Crawford Orthodontic Care team combines physical facial changes with braces or other tooth straightening. The goal of two-phase treatment is to correct problems before they grow serious.

How does two-phase treatment work?

Two-phase treatment includes:

Phase one

In phase one, the focus is on jaw development. With ideal jaw development, your child's jaw can comfortably hold all their permanent teeth and they’ll have optimal upper and lower jaw fit. Many young kids have signs of jaw issues, such as an over-narrow upper jaw or too-rapid jaw growth.

If your child has a developing jaw issue and they're at least 6 years old, they're a good candidate for two-phase treatment.

This treatment can also help children around 8 years old if they have crowded front teeth. Phase one may include braces or other orthodontic appliances, based on your child's needs.

Rest period

The rest period is the time when your child's adult teeth erupt. Usually, they won't wear an orthodontic device during this time. Phase one created the space for the permanent teeth to erupt without becoming impacted or severely misplaced in the mouth.

Phase two

In phase two, after all the permanent teeth erupt, the focus is on aesthetics and optimal mouth equilibrium. The Crawford Orthodontic Care team designs a teeth-straightening plan for ideal long-term results. Usually, phase two involves upper and lower braces for around 24 months.

After braces wear, retainers ensure that your child reaps the benefits of their two-phase treatment as they grow up and into their adult years.

What if my child doesn’t have treatment when they need it?

Skipping treatment now because you assume it can always be fixed later is a dangerous gamble. If your child doesn’t get the treatment they need now, they may need far more complex and invasive treatment as an adult.

Even extensive orthodontic treatment as an adult may not completely repair problems present since childhood. Starting treatment early is the best way to get lasting results.

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